Consumer Unit Upgrade

We are Consumer Unit Upgrade (Fuse board/Fuse Box) specialists. Our highly professional and experienced electricians provide the best Hagar branded fuse boards to the highest of standards, with little disturbance in your home.*

Old fuse boards have the electrical technology from the 1950’s and provide no protection from electrical fires or electrocution. To protect your home and make it safe from the risk of electrical fires and electrocution, we can provide and install a RCD (Residual Current Device) so instead of fuses and fuse wires, the newest, modern consumer unit has MCB’s that can easily and simply be reset if the device trips. **

*All consumer unit upgrades provided by Benchmark Electrical Solutions are to the latest IEE wiring regulations, 17th addition: BS7671 and part P

Fuseboard Change IMG_3635

** During a fault connection the RCD should disconnect the electrical supply in 0.4th of a second. (40 milliseconds). The RCD’s need testing quarterly by simply pressing the test button marked ‘T’.

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Fuseboard Change

All our fuse board upgrades comply with the latest regulations to the electrical trade.
We will provide you with test sheets which cover your property for 5 years.

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